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10-9-11 Centerpieces and the Cupcake Stand

The wedding may be this Saturday, but we've still got tons of stuff to prepare! Last weekend I got some help with some of it though from some great friends. They helped me get some of these projects done quicker, for sure :) Here is the centerpiece. I wanted to keep things simple. The tall vases from Ikea were perfect. The tissue paper flowers for centerpiece is the simplest to make...I still need to finish them though! My maid-of-honor did a lot of the work with wrapping the cardboard with the fun glitter paper. Our floor was covered in glitter--as well as the dog. Jesse did help with hot gluing the glitter ribbon we found to add around the edge of each level. It was his first time using a hot glue gun! He did a good job :P
9.25.11 Tissue Paper Bouquet and More-than-Just-Nu

Things are progressing with our projects. Check out the bouquet handle for my maid of honor. Basically it's styrofoam cone with ribbon wrapped around. It took a while for me to figure out the best way to wrap the ribbon around it. The pearl push pins help to keep it in place. Inspired by a Martha Stewart magazine from 2006, I started making tissue paper flowers. Since then, I had an inclining that instead of real flowers, I would have tissue paper ones at my wedding. With the help of floral stem, it's easy to get the flowers in the styrofoam cone, but arranging them was trickier. There are 3 different flower styles in the bouquet.Here is how I put the table tents together:The supplies included blank table tents from the Paper Source; print outs of poster images from our favorite movies; menu print outs decorated with the wonderful embossed double happiness stamp; and a couple of different adhesive tools. The ZOTS, which are just adhesive dots, help to mount flat cards that go on each side of the table tent. We got the 3D ones so that they pop off the tent a bit.I originally was going to just use an adhesive runner to put attach the bottom of the table tents together, but the person at the Paper Source suggested I use this double-sided Supertape. I'm glad she did because the tents are kinda heavy and it would stink if they started to come apart on the big day :)So each table is named after one of our favorite movies, hence the image of the poster. Then on the other side is the dinner menu. It's one way for us to personalize the evening.
9.8.11 Flower Project

It's been a busy and I haven't had time to post my craft updates, but here is something I worked on last month. It's a handmade boutonniere made of tissue paper, floral tape, floral wire stem, and a pretty cool corsage magnet from Michel's craft store. That's right, no pins needed!

7.20.11 Invitations Done

After all the printing, sticking, stamping, and embossing, the invites were finished being assembled. It took some time to figure out the mail merge in Word, but once I understood what to do, it made it so easy to print out the envelopes with addresses. Then Jesse and I took the invites to the post office and then there was no turning back ;)
The Traditional Invitations

So my relatives got the traditional Chinese invitations. My Mom and I liked this design the best.

Here is the outside with Double Happiness in Chinese and the images of the Phoenix and Dragon.

And this how the invite is laid out with English writing on one side and Chinese on the other.

Point, Aim, & Scan!

Back in June, Jesse and I had a day off together and we ventured out to Crate & Barrel and Bed,Bath & Beyond to register for gifts. It was fun and below you can see how Jesse mastered the scanning technique. It was interesting how different each store approached the concept of the bridal registry. At Crate & Barrel we were more or less on our own after we got the scanner gun. At Bx3, there was someone helping to guide us and advise us with how to pick out certain things. Some of it was helpful, but we kind of felt pressured at times.

7.4.11 A Bride and Her Embossing Tools

With this nice long holiday weekend, I was able to work on making our invitations. It was a little harder than I thought with just having an inkjet printer. Luckily I'm only doing some of the invites. For my Chinese relatives, they are getting the traditional red and gold invites. Though those are nice, Jesse and I wanted to have some that had our own style to them.

The design was inspired by a workshop that I took at the Paper Source in March. My friend Amy tagged along with me and it was a lot of fun learning some new craft ideas.

Below is picture of the easiest thing to make at this point: the response cards! One of the techniques I learned at the workshop was embossing. The Zap! heat gun with the bridal embossing tinsel creates a nice effect with the double happiness stamp.

Here are the envelopes for the response cards. I used a desk embosser to imprint the double happiness symbol on the back flap of the envelope. Plus with the use of Paper Source's handy envelope liner templates, I can add a touch of color.
Our Guests Can Be Heroes

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the wedding blog. Mostly it will be me, the Bride, posting updates on how projects are coming along in preparation for the wedding. First off, check out the pic of the save-the-dates that some of our guests got. They are a set of post cards with artwork from vintage DC Comics. Each person got a different one.