Jesse and Tracy make it official

What you see below is something special.

We sat down separately and wrote down our own versions of how met.

Her Story

Girl Meets Geek

Our story began in the year 2005.

Well, sort of. I was about halfway through my internship/starting my new employment in the Child Life department at the University of Chicago Children's hospital . One day the team went on a tour of the new kids' hospital being built and I remember meeting Jesse with a bunch of other people on one of the floors. He seemed nice and had a cute smile, but it was a brief moment in passing and didn't think much of it.

Let's fast forward to late summer/fall of 2006. After over 1 year of building a good working rapport with Jesse, it's hinted by a co-worker that he may like me. Soon, I start to notice that this sweet guy seems to be talking to me more and complimenting me. It progressed to having lunches together.

Finally came the day of a co-worker's good-bye dinner after work and Jesse was invited. When that night ended, I purposely dropped him last off to his car, in the hopes he may ask me out for a drink...but no such luck. Maybe this shy girl had it all wrong? Fortunately not.

The next week, Jesse asked me if I'd like to "hang out". Well, in over 4 years of not only "hanging out", we got to know each other; fall in love; and experience the joys and hardships the world can throw at you. Now, that sweet, cute, funny, and geeky guy that I met in passing years ago, is my best friend and will soon be my husband.

His Story

Geek meets Girl

I was really really nervous. I had no idea what she was going to say. She could already be seeing someone for all I knew. I figured, it can’t hurt. I’ll just ask her out and if she says no, then I’ll deal with it somehow.

Tracy and I met while I was working at the hospital. I was the TV Guy. Yup, you heard that right. That is what they called me. It’s cool, I liked it.

Tracy and I always had talked every time we saw each other. The talking eventually led to me asking her to lunch. You should have seen the look on her face when I brought a sandwich from home wrapped in a grocery bag.

The day came when I had finally worked up the courage to ask her out. The plan was perfect in my head but of course, it didn’t come out exactly how I had planned it.

I asked her, “So, do you want to hang out or something sometime?” Smooth Esquibel, real smooth.

I learned later on thanks to one of her co-workers spilling the beans that she later that same day went back to the office and said, “So I guess we are hanging out on Friday...”

I knew it was going to work out. To quote our very good friend James, “Well, she’s a geek and you’re a geek so...”

I would say that the rest is history but it’s really just the beginning.